Idea Overview:
My idea is to use an air compressor run off a battery to power a turbine to produce electricity
Who might use it/where it might be used?:
My idea will help anybody who uses a generator campers, emergency services, military, disaster areas around the world
The Market:
Business to Consumers (B2C)
Sector the idea belong to:
Energy & Power
Why you think there is a demand for your idea?:
With fossil fuels running out and the ever increasing call for greener power a portable generator that runs of air seems a logical move forward
Who would be the ideal customers?:
The idea would be open to everyone
What ideas do you have to reach these customers?:
Not sure on the best form of advertising but papers magazines to start with then tv?
How far have you developed this idea:
The idea is down on paper and I’ve made some working models
What – if any – feedback have you had for this idea so far?:
Friends have said what a really good idea it is
What supporting material – if any - would you like to add to your proposal?:
I’d be happy to email or talk direct to any interest parties?

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  1. Daniel New - July 26, 2019 at 4:00 pm Reply

    Sounds like a great product. I think Campers would be a great target market to start with, if sufficiently portable. Any indications on size?

  2. Paul Allison - August 18, 2019 at 6:34 pm Reply

    Hi Daniel
    The actual size would depend on the component parts I’d like to think with some help to engernear it we could get down to the standard size gernerator and then anything up to trailer size?? Paul

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